The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts

With the introduction of PSD2, full access to European banks has become the cornerstone of a business value proposition. ibanXS delivers access to any European bank by offering a cloud-based platform for Payment Initiation and Account Information services. The platform combines the functionalities offered by banks into one single integration, thus bypassing the hassles of maintaining a variety of connections.

With our platform, you’ll be able to access the following types of services

Payment Initiation

Initiate single and multiple SEPA credit transfers, deferred SEPA credit transfers, recurring SEPA credit transfers, cross-border credit transfers (to nonSEPA countries), and more.

Payment Initiation enables you to offer payment solutions to your customers. This solution uses the Open Banking infrastructure of the consumer banks to enable the payment transfer to the beneficiary account of your client.

Payment transfers are initially based on SEPA credit transfers. As soon as a connected bank starts offering Instant Payments, this will be the designated payment transfer method. This allows each authorised payment transfer to reach the beneficiary bank within 5-10 seconds.

Account Information

Obtain consent for specific Account Information service(s) from the bank account holder (PSU), obtain a list of bank accounts or of balances per bank account(s), retrieve the transaction history for a specific bank account, and more.

Our service provides access to the bank account of the customer. Through this access the account holder is able to share the history of his transactions and his identity information validated by his bank (KYC). Access to the account always starts with the bank account holder’s consent. Our platform registers the consent, and whenever the consent expires (after 90 days) we redirect the customer to their bank environment to provide renewed consent.

Transaction history information is useful for instance in accounting software. By reusing the previously obtained bank account holder consent, accounting software is constantly up to date including the most recent transactions. This is especially valuable in combination with Instant Payments, providing credit transfers to beneficiary accounts within 5-10 seconds