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Board of directors

Hans Vermeijs


Edy Bruinooge


We have over 25 years of experience in online payments and transaction processing


ibanXS was founded in 2019 in The Hague area, The Netherlands. We aim to enable partners to gain access to European banks and Identity providers. By combining all open market services in our platform, we realise simplicity, security and unified access. Our ambition is to remove barriers between European countries and make the payment landscape accessible to all citizens and businesses in Europe.

We're tailored to your needs

Cooperation – We won’t compete with you

Whereas other providers compete with you for your hard earned customers, ibanXS solely works in the cooperative domain. With us, you don’t have to worry that you are financing your competitors, as our only mission is to add value to your products and expand your reach across the industry.

Expertise – You’ll work with industry visionaries

ibanXS will put over 40 years of payments and banking expertise at the tip of your fingers. Our managing team has extensive experience with banking, payments, fintech and software development, having occupied leadership positions at companies such as iDEAL, Royal Bank of Scotland, Volksbank and ING. Their knowledge and vision are at the root of ibanXS' state of the art API.

Flexibility – Tailored to fit you like a glove

Not only our connector is dynamic – we are, too. And also highly flexible in our offering to you. You can choose what you take from our API – it can be payments initiation, account information or both. We’ll ask the right questions and personalize our quotes, without compromising on the quality of the technology we deliver. We’re small, efficient, and with no corporate strings attached – use us accordingly.

Simplicity - We'll maintain it so you don't have to

One single integration with our cloud-based API grants you access to the payment initiation and account information services of thousands of European banks. You won’t have to worry about integration, maintenance and security, as we’ll ensure that you’re always on top of your payments game by the means of our dynamic connector.