Cash Software chooses ibanXS as its PSD2 Open Banking platform

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[The Netherlands, 13 April 2021] Dutch accounting software company “Cash Software”, part of the Visma group, has chosen ibanXS as their pan-European PSD2 / Open Banking platform. This will ensure that Cash will integrate with more than 1,500 European banks, so that Cash customers can automatically and securely retrieve their own bank details and make payments and transfers from the accounting package, regardless of which bank they bank with. ibanXS has a license from the Dutch Central Bank to offer account access / PSD2 services.

Open Banking is the future of automated accounting and Cash is once again leading the way by integrating accounting and banking with the latest version of the bank link, said Robert Mijnsbergen, Managing Director of Cash Software. We are therefore very pleased with ibanXS and the functionality that will be available to our clients through their platform. ibanXS is an independent platform, not affiliated with competitors, and has a huge banking reach. A partner that grows and thinks along is very important for Cash and our ambitions.

Edy Bruinooge, CCO and co-founder ibanXS: Cash Software is a highly reputable software company and part of the Visma group. For more than 35 years, they have been creating ERP business software for SMEs. To be able to provide the bank links for such a company is a huge honor for ibanXS and one that we are very proud of. Cash and ibanXS fit like a glove: an independent platform and a major player in the accounting world. The clients of Cash will reap the benefits in the near future. And that is what we do it for at ibanXS!

Celebrating the partnership Corona-style: Robert Mijnsbergen (below right) and John Dijns (up left) for CASH and Hans Vermeijs (below left) and Edy Bruinooge (up right) for ibanXS

About Cash

Cash Software has been developing business software for SMEs for over 35 years: CASH®.
Clients range from small business creative start-ups with big ambitions, to large business trading and manufacturing companies with complex ERP needs. Thousands of accountancy and administration offices also work with CASH on a daily basis. Through this partnership, all these customers will have access to link all their bank accounts and use new features, such as paying invoices and transfers, directly from within the CASH administration.

About ibanXS

ibanXS was founded in 2019 in The Hague area, The Netherlands. The company aims to enable partners to gain access to European banks and Identity providers. By combining all open market services in the platform, they realize simplicity, security, and unified access. ibanXS’s ambition is to remove barriers between European countries and make the payment landscape accessible to all citizens and businesses in Europe. ibanXS is a licensed payment institution.