ibanXS Link Services – Payments ànd Consents

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New Service

A very convenient innovation on top of PSD2’s Payment Initiation Services (PIS) and Account Information Services (AIS) is the ability to send a link which generates a payment or generates/renews an AIS-consent.

Let’s go back to basics for a moment: PSD2 / Open Banking. 
Through the ibanXS platform, you can access 1,600+ banks in 21 countries to initiate payments and/or retrieve transaction information. This is nothing new.

What is new is that you can now also create a Payment link or a Consent link via ibanXS.

Payment links by ibanXS

This new feature gives your client, which can be a customer or a company, the ability to pay via a simple and secure link. This link takes your client to our secure ibanXS Checkout where the payment is initiated in the same trusted way as with PIS.

The links can be shared by your application in, for example, WhatsApp messages, QR codes, or payment buttons in invoices. The benefits are numerous.

Our ‘Link Services’ is entirely white label and thus can be styled to your own format or you can offer these links via our ibanXS format. The choice is entirely up to you!

When the payment links are created, an expiry date is set and the number of payments allowed can be specified without any restrictions. For each payment made, your application receives an immediate notification. 

Consent links by ibanXS

The same applies for our consent links.

The consent link gives your client the ability to initiate or (more important) to renew an AIS-consent and can be shared via the same means as the Payment link, but also via, for example, a consent renewal button in apps, your application or emails.

When a consent link is created, an expiry date is set and for each consent given, your application immediately receives a notification. Convenient for the account holder: as long as the consent link has not expired, it can be used as often as desired to always have open access for the client application to the account data.


We are well aware that this new service has countless benefits for you. We therefore cordially invite you to see our demo and experience for yourself how simple, secure, trustworthy ibanXS Link Services is. Whether it’s a payment link or a consent link (or both!), your service to your clients will improve a lot! Don’t wait and e-mail us for demo.